A 3d printed expression bar

"The Apollo" - An electric expression bar

N=1 design. A build for a friend and a challenge to myself to go from ideation to completion in 4 weeks.

The first step is introducing the project to the user and discussing what I thought were the desired solutions. The second step, throw out my original ideas. The new goal was to make a guitar-mounted expression bar, allowing the user to control pedal effects via a hand control, solving a combination of problems.

The prototype was functional but bulky.

The second prototype was much smaller but still needed some work done with the clamping system, at this stage the set width was designed for a specific guitar width. An on-on switch was added to allow for a reverse of the control

Next, lots and lots of tuning the form.

Testing printed parts for tapping and metal hardware.

The end product included aluminum reinforced resin parts, a pivoting jaw allowing convex guitar surfaces, adjustable clamp width, bar length, and much more.

See below the initial testing by the user.

See the Apollo used in a performance at Red Gorilla Studios.