render of a new camera shape

Ease of use Camera

Camera shapes have evolved around the need to advance film rolls behind the lens. The film was set across the camera, behind the lens, to expose it to light and was advanced for the next image. To accommodate this, cameras were square-shaped with lenses in the center. Digital cameras have evolved retaining this shape unnecessarily. The controls are almost universally right-handed and force the user to position their face sideways to use the viewfinder.

A new look is overdue.

Concept sketches

Adoption of a telescope shape, easier to grasp and store in backpacks or cars where there is a bottle or cup holder.

Concept sketches refined

Isometric explosion with details showing the inclusion of a large ease-of-use button for those with limited dexterity or grip strength.

Rendering of a final camera design on a table.

The camera is accessible for those with use limitations without compromising functionality. It can be conveniently stored in spaces commonly provided in bags, backpacks, and vehicles to hold bottles or similarly shaped items.